Hello CMS Students 

In Person Sessions are held in our beautiful state of the art studio in Upland,

Just 1 mile off campus, no transportation is available, please drive, carpool, bike, or walk.

If walking or biking we suggest you take central north to 11th east. 


1721 W 11th Street Upland CA 91786

Zoom Courses are ONLY available online, use this link sent with Mindbody registration.

You will be required to find a space that allows you to lay down and stretch using space on the floor

Course Credit Available for All Colleges- Pass or Fail

No specified number of classes are required to pass


Registration Number
PE 008H JP-01

HOT Barre, Yoga, HIIT, Pilates (May take ANY/ALL of the following IN PERSON classes)

Please come to the studio 10 minutes early for your first class to familiarize yourself with our facility. 

Hot HIIT Pilates

                     MW 4:00pm

                     F 5:30pm

                     TR 6:00pm

                     Sa 9:30am & Sn 9:30am

Hot Barre

                     TR 4:30pm 

                     Sn 8:30am 

Barre Intensive

                     MW 6:15am 

Core Intensive

                     F 6:30am                  

Hot Vinyasa Yoga Sculpt

                     MW 6:30pm

                     Sa 8:30am

Gentle Yoga Flow

                    MW 7:30pm

Pilates Circuit

                    TR 10:00am

Note: You may also take the TR 8:00pm Zoom Deep Somatic Stretching Course with this registration

Registration Number 
PE 081A JP-01

HOT TRX/MicroFormer Specialty 

May take ANY/ALL of the ABOVE AND the following IN PERSON classes

TRX Circuit

                     MWF 9:15am

TRX Pilates Suspension Method

                           TR 6:00am

HOT TRX Pilates Suspension Method

                     MW 5:15pm

Note: You may also take ALL of our class offerings with this registration

Registration Number
PE 070F JP-01

Deep Somatic Stretching/Meditation/Gentle Yoga Stretch (Unlimited) 

ONLINE ONLY COURSE- Only available via zoom. At home practice. 

Meets on Zoom TR 8:00pm

Required items for classes: Pillow, Blanket