SweatLogic Studio Director

Hello Everyone! In case you don’t know my story... I’d like to give you a quick background on my journey to become a studio owner AKA Captain of a Badass Team of Powerful Coaches working hard to keep people healthy and leading our community to get stronger and THRIVE! 


My journey started in 2010, when I needed some therapy when my partner and best friend was diagnosed with cancer, and shortly after passed away. I dove straight in, I completed my first certification in June 2013. Followed by 22 more over the years. Needless to say I am fascinated with learning and hope to continue to innovate and update as much as I can. 


I created my own Pilates School and hosted my first Teacher Training in 2017 and certified many powerful and talented teachers. 


I’ve worked for many studio owners over the years who have taught me several lessons, good and bad. Consulted for many studio owners, Taught well over 10,000 classes, created countless friendships with teachers, and an incredible following of students who keep me working hard to keep going. 


My goal for SweatLogic is to create a community of hard working people who are dedicated to their goals! An inclusive place where everyone is empowered! 

I cannot wait to invite you into our community and work with you to see your goals come to life.



HIITlogic, TRX, Cardio Pilates

I’m Sara, a fitness enthusiast and instructor. When I’m not teaching classes, I enjoy weight training, aerial circus, and a variety of outdoor activities. I have a passion for sharing my knowledge of mind-muscle connection to help students  build a strong awareness to their bodies. 

Amanda Hernandez

BarreLogic & TRX

Amanda is a 500 hr. comprehensively certified pilates instructor. She is also certified in barre, TRX, and boxing. Amanda has been teaching fitness classes for 6 years, now. Her personal interest in fitness started in her early 20’s and eventually grew into a passion for helping others on their fitness journey. Amanda plans all of her classes to be available to all fitness levels. Whether you’re brand new or you’ve been working out for years, she has something for everyone.



Yoga Sculpt, TRX, RowLogic

Coming Soon


Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nedra

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Private Swim & TRX

Exceptionally experience master swim coach, Certified Master Trainer for Red Cross Lifeguarding. Accepting Ages 3+.

Kelli Hearn

Warm Vinyasa Flow

I have been in education for 15 years. I began as a teacher and now am a Speech and Language specialist. My yoga journey began in 2016. I refer to it as “the year I began to breathe.”  In 2017 I completed the 200 hour yoga teacher training. I believe that mind body connection is vital to health and well being. I love all types of yoga, but my favorite style is Ashtanga.  



Sound Bath Retreat Host, Kundalini Yoga

Coming Soon

Alicia Cordova Gilmer

TRX, RowLogic

I am a medically retired Police Officer. Having 3 knee surgeries and a spinal injury I turned to stretching & strength training to strengthen my core & muscles surrounding my injuries. Fitness and training have been a form of pain management. Increasing my flexibility and strength has truly changed my quality of life, so much so that fitness is now a passion of mine. TRX and Row are two of my specialties. I believe fitness is vital to your quality of life. Come join me on strengthening your quality of life.